The restaurant
menu of tomorrow

Redro sets your menu free. Free to adapt in real time to changes on the floor.

At the same time, it's providing you with insights about how your customers use and interact with your menu, enabling you to provide a better service.

All the while helping you reduce waste in the kitchen and save trees in the forest 🌳🌲WIN WIN WIN!

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Online restaurant menu
Online menu
Restaurant menu
Restaurant menu
Restaurant online digital menu
Digital menu
Digital menu

The most accessible and visible menu's ever

Have your menu accessible on any devise at any time from anywhere, including Google search results.

No need to invest in a suite of iPads and no more waiting for your customers. They can view your menu from their phone at any time, including before they get to the restaurant.

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Customer Exposure

Redro menus are designed for exposure. From your website to Facebook to WhatsApp to Google, your customers will find you!

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Better Inform
Your Customers

Today's patrons demand more information. They have special dietary requirements. They care about the environmental impact of their choices. They worry about their health. There is no room on traditional menus for all this information.

With Redro you can easily expand menu item information with nutritional facts, source details, health tips, FAQs and more. This helps maintain operational efficiency by freeing up your waiters time ⏱

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Restaurant digital menu feature

Share Your Story,
Protect Your Brand

Redro menus are especially customised to fit the look and feel of your brand.

Restaurant digital menu feature

Rich Content,
Interactive Experience

Add images and videos of dishes, promotions, events, chef interviews, live chat etc.

Restaurant digital menu feature

Get Feedback &
Know Your Customers

Get valued feedback with built in customer surveys to help improve your offering.

The right features and benefits for restaurants and customers alike

Search & Filter

Powerful search and filter functionality to enable customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Order Efficiency

Enable customers to add items to a dynamic order for easy recollection once the waiter comes around.

Multilingual Support

Easily provide and manage your menu in multiple languages manually or via Google translate.

Multi-currency support

Enable tourists to convert prices to a currency they are familiar with.

Build Your Database

Capture user data to be added to your mailing list/database and/or customer loyalty program.

Menu Redesign for
Special Days

Create special menus for special days like new year’s day.

Increase Sales

Up-sell and cross-sell by suggesting drink and dish combinations and promote other venues and locations.

Enhance Profitability

Easily push and promote your products with deals and promotions on the fly in realtime.

Intelligent Recommendations

Promote products based on customer preferences, pair dishes and drinks that complement each other, offer deals.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Collect dish reviews and ratings or drive traffic to 3rd party restaurant review sites such as Zomato.

A/B Testing

Easily try different titles, descriptions, prices or images to see what works and what does not.


Create customer accounts where they can save favourites and record order history.


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